GIS services

GIS (Geographical Information Systems) technology integrates powerful database capabilities with the unique visual perspective of a good old-fashioned map. This makes GIS unique among information systems. Its analyses can be used in a wide range of public and private enterprises, helping in planning, cost reduction, and better-informed decision making.
We can scan a set of maps, convert this data into CAD and correct geo-code for GIS software. 


The operator manually traces all the lines from a existing hardcopy map or raster image and create an identical digital map on computer. A line is digitized by collecting a series of points doing the line.

Our Expertise : 

We provide our clients with complete Mapping/GIS Conversion services.
  • Drawing/Map Scanning and Digitizing 
  • Map creation / Data conversion (Data Acquisition,  Capture and Entry )
  • Facilities Management Drawing/Map Conversion 
  • Public transmission/distribution system management   (water, electric, sewerage & gas)
  • Road information systems
  • Land information systems
  • Cable TV Map Conversion 
  • Architectural Engineering and Construction Drawing Conversion 
  • Geological analysis 
  • Real time traffic information systems 
  • Town/Urban/ Metropolitan planning 
  • Real estate information systems 
  • Site selection for industries 
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